Capacity development

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Capacity development

This page contains all material we developed for the outputs 'Capacity development in gender of L&F partners'

Materials developed with Transition International to undertake gender cap dev of partners
File:Gender CD presentation module 1.pptx
File:Gender CD presentation module 2.pptx
File:Gender CD presentation module 3.pptx
File:Gender CD presentation module 4.pptx
File:General comments and suggests for GCD modules 2-4 response.docx
File:Data entry per organization v2.xlsx
File:Data analysis per country v2.xlsx
File:Gender Capacity Development Agreement.docx
File:Workshop outline.xlsx

File:Gender CA CD Guide second version 003 002.docx
File:Assessment tool NRP ENG v1 1.xlsx
File:Assessment tool development partners ENG v1 5.xlsx

gender capacity developme'nt guidelines
[[File:Gender CD guidelines_final 8 sep 16.pptx |Gender capacity development guidelines]
[[File:LF_gender_capacity_guide_jan2015.pdf |Gender Cap Dev tool manual]

Gender capacity development tools

Power points
[[File:Gender cap dev assessment presentation Third ed FINAL.pptx |PPT to report findings back to partners and discuss interventions]

[[File:Meeting notes_gender capacity development guidelines.docx |Meeting notes_gender capacity development guidelines]

Reports on the gender cap dev assessment undertaken with partners, 2015
Galie, Alessandra, Mulema, Annet A., Benard, Alejandra Mora, Ochago, Robert and Odongo, Dorine. 2015. Enhancing gender capacity for inclusive livestock value chains. ILRI Capacity Development Brief 8. Nairobi: ILRI.

Mulema, A.A., Tafesse, S., Galie, A., Baltenweck, I., Kinati, W., Alejandra, M.B., Ochago, R., Rijke, E. and Specht, I. 2015. Gender capacity assessment and development in four Livestock and Fish value chain countries: Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania and Nicaragua. Powerpoint Presented at the ILRI Capacity Development Week, 14-17 December 2015. Nairobi, Kenya: ILRI.

Material developed in 2014 or earlier:
[[File:GD trainers manual-final.pdf |Trainer's manual]
[[File:TZ-%20Partner%20Gender%20Audit%20Questionniare%20-%20Tom%20Sillayo.doc Gender audit questionnaire developed by Kathy]
[[File:Gender Capacity in Livestock and Fish Value Chain Partners - discussion paper - final 6 18 14.docx |Report on Cap dev assessment by Kathy Colverson]