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On this page please find toolkits, manuals and methodologies relevant to gender research developed and produced by members of this CoP

Closing the gender gap in agriculture: A trainer’s manual
Colverson, K.E. 2013, ILRI

Tools and concepts for mainstreaming gender in aflatoxin research at the International Livestock Research Institute
Waithanji, E. and Grace, D. 2014, ILRI

International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) Gender, Livestock and Livelihood Indicators
Njuki,J.; Poole, J.; Johnson, J.; Baltenweck, I.; Pali, P.N.; Lokman, Z.; and S. Mburu. 2011, ILRI

Bangladesh fish VC and gender and social analysis toolkit (July 2015)
|FGD Guide
|VC Mapping cards
|Gender norms drawings