L&F gender seminar topics

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L&F gender seminar topics

Draft list of seminars - October

List of seminar topics by the gender initiative for the wider public

  • Audience
    • o Coached project scientists (and Gender Initiative) – Gender Fellows
    • o Larger L&F scientists
    • o CG Gender network
    • Objective: to build a resource depot of short online presentations that are available to L&F and other CG and agricultural researchers on gender research in agriculture
    • Format
      • o 3-4 minute online powerpoint presentation with voice over
      • o 2 days for comments, which the presenter responds to
      • o then the seminar closes and is saved on a central place for ongoing access
      • o some additional resources to be linked to each

To discuss RP/AG
- timeline
- announcements
- what numbers do we anticipate?
- How long before we have a platform set-up?
- Ordering
- 1st joint session

Provisional title
Introduction on seminar series and then 1 seminar on:
Ppt with voice
Gender Initiative – all
AG ideas on this one?

Gender that makes science better ( a basic intro to what is gender research and why)
PPT with voice?
End October?
RP to draft and share

Strategic and integrated gender research: the example of L&F


AE to draft
See below
Do no harm vs accommodative and gender transformative approaches (GTAs)


RP to draft
GTA is not responsive or strategic research (covered above?)
Methodological implications of looking at gender relations
See – Naivasha presentation for input/inspiration

AE to draft

Gender transformative approaches in L&F
PPT with voice


Gender and climate change: an overview of main issues
PPT with voice
Katie (Post-Doc joins early Oct)

Ask her

Challenging masculinity with Vignette?


Ask her

Gender and climate change: market-based conservation schemes
PPT with voice
Juliette (PhD) based on a recent article

Ask her

Cap dev or partners

The L&F approach?


Ask her

The value of Small-N research

Alessandra &?

The meaning of livestock ownership
PPT with voice – 3 minutes
Alessandra & coauthors

Link to GAAP – AE to work with AG on this


From gender analysis to GTA through empowerment: the case of the dairy goats project in TZ
PPT with voice
Alessandra & Paula Kantor
When chapter is published (by end of year)
Chapter being published

Empowerment and migration
PPT with voice

Ask her – she already presented once

Intersectionality and latest developments in gender research


Gender issues in EADD (combining all the research that is currently ongoing on this)

Measurements of Empowerment



Gender and Nutrition


WELI- Nutrion and empowerment - AG

Everything you ever wanted to ask about gender

We can organize on calendar based on people’s availability
Also, what about having students present their work (e.g. Thanammal on gender and institutional set up in India; Rosemirta on gender and trade issues in Uganda) within the LGI team first and then to the wider public?
We can involve non-gender scientists as soon as there is a suitable piece of research

  1. 1. Gender that makes science better ( a basic intro to what is gender research and why)
  • Why is G important/relevant for ag research?
  • Look at AE/KD presentations from Naivasha – justifications for G in ag research
    • o Based on lit review – why looking at G and conceptual and methodological implications
  • Gendered Innovations book examples
  • Our coaching tracks as a few key and convincing examples
  • Attach key documents for further reading?

  1. 2. Strategic and integrated gender research: the example of L&F
  • Distinctions and links
  • What is strategic gender research – L&F examples
  • Could include the R agendas – integrated and strategic
  • How strategic gender research feeds integrated research in L&F?
  • What are key strategic gender research we want them to know – GTA, gender norms, ownership study – introduce here and more depth in future seminars
  • Making the case for the relevance of strategic G research for non-gender science (technical science) in L&F

  1. 3. Do no harm vs accommodative and gender transformative approaches (GTAs)
  • Relate to L&F gender strategy and the continuum housed there
  • Part of seminar 1? Part of Naivasha presentation – link to that seminar
  • G relations and how they influence and are influenced by research
  • Can be misunderstood….
  • After the first seminar see what this adds