Our outputs 2016

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Our outputs 2016

Media presence:

Katie Tavenner participates in a webinar on gender, livestock and climate change, March 8th

Slide show with pictures and key findings on women and livestock, March 8th, ILRI


Galiè A. and P. Kantor 2016: ‘From gender analysis to transforming gender norms: using empowerment pathways to enhance gender equity and food security in Tanzania’, in Edited Collection: Transforming Gender and Food Security in the Global South. International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and Routledge.

Funding proposals (on or integrating gender):
Integrating gender:
Making the most of milk, submitted in March, BMGF
Drivers of food choice, submitted final proposal in March, Gates
Project on livestock VCs in Somaliland, Danida, Funding obtained in March
Livestock CRP phase 2

Gender strategic:
Social media for social transformation, Gates
Blog posts:
International Women’s Day 2016: What issues are central to agricultural development for women?

Other outputs:
Gender strategy for AVCD Kenya