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This online space will comprise of a Gender Yammer group housed under the ILRI Livestock and Fish (L&F) Yammer network as well as a Gender Wiki page. Access to these platforms will be restricted to members of the COP only. This will allow us to also discuss and collaborate (on e.g. ideas, proposals or papers) in a private space. The Yammer group will be used mainly for quick updates and instant messaging as well as discussions among the members. The Wiki will provide a structured way of organizing, sharing and managing resources including current projects, concept notes, literature, publications, tools, funding information and current calls for proposals.

We have started uploading material on the sites but the success of this COP will depend on all of us contributing!



New Method of W+ Standard to Measure Women's Income/ Assets

Daniel_Kangogo1 21 June 2016 11:01:56

In addition to the Time Domain, Project Developers wishing to apply the W+ Standard can now also do so to measure changes in women's income and assets. download the tool from the link