Written Outputs

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Written Outputs

On this page, please find in progress and recently published materials by members of this CoP, under the CRP Livestock and Fish

In Progress

Books and book chapters

Galiè A. and P. Kantor: ‘From gender analysis to transforming gender norms: using empowerment pathways to enhance gender equity and food security in Tanzania’, in Edited Collection: Towards a Transformative Approach to Gender and Food Security in Low-Income Countries. Forthcoming.

Recently Published

Books and book chapters

[[File:Gender in Agriculture_Closing the knowledge gap.pdf |Gender in Agriculture: Closing the knowledge gap]
this book contains two chapters authored by ILRI's Isabelle Baltnenweck among others, and the second on eauthored by Elizabeth Waithanji:

  • Chapter 5: The gender asset gap and its implications for agricultural and rural development
  • Chapter 9: Livestock and Women's Livelihoods: A Review of the Recent Evidence

Feminist Evaluation and Research: Theory and Practice
Alessandra Galie has published a chapter: Feminist research approaches to empowerment in Syria

Journal articles

Galiè A., A. Mulema, A. M. Mora Benard, S. Onzere and K. Colverson 2015: ‘Exploring gender perceptions of resource ownership and their implications for food security among rural livestock owners in Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Nicaragua’.
Agriculture & Food Security, 4 (1), 2.

Farnworth C., K. Colverson 2015. |Building a Gender-Transformative Extension and Advisory Facilitation System in Sub-Saharan Africa|. Journal of Gender, Agriculture and Food Security. Vol. 1, Issue 1, pp 20-39

Quisumbing, A., Rubin, D., Manfree, C., Waithanji, E., van den Bold, M., Olney, D., Johnson, N., Meinzen-Dick, R. 2015 : Gender, Assets and Market -oriented Agriculture: Learning from high-level crop and livestock projects in frica and Asia. Journal of Agriculture, Food and Human Values Society. http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10460-015-9587-x?sa_campaign=email/event/articleAuthor/onlineFirst

Elizabeth Waithanji, Jemimah Njuki, Samuel Mburu, Juliet Kariuki & Fredrick Njeru 2015. A gendered analysis of goat ownership and marketing in Meru, Kenya. Development in Practice Vol. 25 (2) pg. 188 - 203


Micere Njuki J, Wyatt A, Baltenweck I, et al. [[File:An Exploratory study of Dairying Intensification, Women’s Decision Making, and Time Use and Implications for Child Nutrition in Kenya.pdf |An Exploratory study of Dairying Intensification, Women’s Decision Making, and Time Use and Implications for Child Nutrition in Kenya]. Eur J Dev Res. 2015. doi:10.1057/ejdr.2015.22.

Policy briefs

The contribution of gender transformative approaches to value chain research for development
Kantor, P. 2013

Improving the working conditions of women fish retailers in Egypt
Hussein, S., Mounir, E., Sedky, S., Nour, S.A. and Kantor, P. 2013

Enhancing dairy based livelihoods in Tanzania: Mid-term progress report of the MilkIT project
Ngoc Diep Pham, Maass, B. and Cadilhon, J. 2014

Summary of Livestock and Fish gender outputs in 2014
File:Summary of published LAF 2014 GENDER OUTPUTS 16 Feb 15.docx

|A social media strategy for the MoreMilkIt project

File:Integrated Communication Strategy CGP TZ ILRI WTS.pptx

More outputs

If you would like to see more outputs including presentations, reports and discussion papers please see the gender collection on the online repository here.